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Entry #24

Return of a faggot.

2014-03-15 11:15:57 by Stalagmite

Stalagmites back :D gonna be working on some shit n stuff, pokin around and making more acapellas me thinks :p  hope you are all gooooooooood ^.^



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2014-03-15 17:29:51


Stalagmite responds:

Wow indeed! how the devil are you! i remember you where working in the army? or the RAF? or was it the more feminin navy o.o *mince*


2014-03-16 15:34:04

Air Force.... but I'm back from that =p Still doing it every now and then.

Stalagmite responds:

wicked! you still voice acting? im still animating =D got some cool ideas in the works if your interested, you seem to have aquired a better mic! :D your awesome, one of the few i missed on here :P cant believe you are still active on newgrounds tbh, i went through a phase of thinking it was for kids... i was right, and eventually realised im just a big kid XD so here i am again :D

what havew you been doing with your life then, have you worked on any cool projects with coolio people? :D


2014-03-16 20:14:18

Still doing some VA and such. Dabbling here and there are well. Helping make movies and games and such. The best stuff I've done has been with Carbonwater. He is always fun. I am always open for doing some stuff. You should post some of your youtube stuff here, or not whatever =p Glasd you decided to come back!


2014-09-22 22:19:41

Fuck dude! i thought you were dead! just came by to pay my respects and listen to some of your music and turns out you didn't die! Groovy!


2015-05-05 13:16:03