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KEENEY fox! i knew it was you. i was like... THE F@@K is his art doing on NG? =D

great work, nice animation, voice acting wasnt special but its well put together. well done!! and i am guessing tickles are coming >:3

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KFoxyFox responds:

I think the voice acting is better than anything I can do, but I'm hoping to bring more out in the characters in the next planned episode ^^


I never! this turned out VERY well editted, you did a really great job on this one dude. congratulations on breaking out another wonderful animation! keep up the good work, and happy halloween! :)

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OnionsXD responds:

Thanks Stalagmite! It's not seeming to be appreciated by the masses much though. I'm not sure what's wrong. :/


i think its a touch crummy, BUT actually it works really well, its like intentionally bad. nice work :) i enjoyed it.

JayCurren responds:

Thanks dude! and your insult song is soooooo AWESOME!!!

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i composed this music XD cant they tell its played live on a piano? i think they are all douches :D and btw man, i am now ADDICTED to this game XD DAMN YOU!


i get it you sly bugger. H.K poor old bugger. still at least she wont be offended when she DOESNT see this.

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you know you cant catch the dragon!

but south park was hilarious as ever. i prefer guitar hero of course =D

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wow O.O this builds up really well, its subtle and very clever. i really can appreciate this song from both a musical and personal enjoyable level! the rhythmic vocals are extremely satisfying to hear, as is the old school grunge-esque base. its a definate winner, just a shame you posted it here where no one really appreciates anything unless its about bronies or a heavy metal remix of a cartoon song.


samuel, i havent been in contact with you for a very long time, then BOOM, your on the front page!!! how are you man? this is incredible, so soothing, a really special piece. how are your musical endeavours? are you getting far withthem? are you still modelling? this is an amazing piece to put a kraken at peace!

furry songs? XD

I assume this is a furry song. hense the ten XD

love it. every minute of it. its easy listening, emotive, simple and excellent. again a little preset-esque, but overall i am really enjoying the vibe.
its a complex and expressive asnd actually a very wonderul little jingly thing that can bring a smile to your face.
i will tell you though, its a little drab and drags its heals a little, not in the "slow developement" way, more like its just going on and on, maybe some interesting changes would be cool, based on different chord progressions or something.
i liked this song alot.

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HAHAHA! whatch out below.

i think someone below has repressed sexual fantasies of pokemon. ALSO what wonderful grammar.
this little collection of pokePORN is rather funny lol. a mew wearing a burka? where you influenced by the middle east ?
i love the GITar one... although i would prefer him playing the banjo.
its all gewd mewart. :D


unusual proportions but makes him look slightly chibi anyhows.
very cool, and dark. i loved the scrabs and paramites too! make me some paramite pies and meech munchies! STOP HOGGING THEM ALL!!!

i love cartoons more than you. they're totally Bonerific :D:D:D

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