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Return of a faggot.

2014-03-15 11:15:57 by Stalagmite

Stalagmites back :D gonna be working on some shit n stuff, pokin around and making more acapellas me thinks :p  hope you are all gooooooooood ^.^


To ensure no more requests...

2011-11-25 15:13:16 by Stalagmite

1- yes you can use my music in your flash just credit me first.
2- no, sorry, I don't voice act anymore.
3- Unfortunately yes it was terminal and I will be dead soon.

GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS! ironically he hates South park, so i thought i would twist it and make him into a south park character! ^ ^ if you like it why not go to youtube and sub me or at least comment and rate :P
thanks peoples! peace out!

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Its to big to upload to Newgrounds becuase its done in a different program and has no preloader. let me know what you think of it! ^ ^
i hope the video works ^ ^

Happy Birthday Boogley!

2009-11-12 18:49:53 by Stalagmite

HAI YOU! its Neil Sanders (TheBoogley)s' birthday ZOMGAWSH!!! i know its starting it a little early, but i am not here tommorow so i must celebrate it today! also i am sure he wont complain having an exteneded birthday of super joy ^ ^

I made the boogley one of my acapellas! i dont know if he realised it was not a joke or not, with his taunts of barber shops and jazz hands, but i was super cereal about it.

so yeah Neil I am a HUGE fan, and I made you this song which i hope you like! ^ ^ LOVE YOUR WORK! and think you are THE AWESOMENESS.
miaow-chicken-bow-wow to YA FACE YO!


Happy Birthday Boogley!

ZOMG! EDDEGGs new halloween special is here and it KICKS ASS!!!!!!! its like..... ZOMG! click this link NAO!!!!!!!

Eddegg halloween special!

written by some EDDACHE? guy?


why a picture of earth you say? because it rocks this WORLD! also eddegg is copyrighted LOL!

EDDEGG is BRILLIANT! click here to watch new episode!


2009-10-04 18:02:03 by Stalagmite

its a small promotional graphic for my new animation collaberation with Animatigo. project named Whats up Wheeler. originally just a concept sketch by animatigo, has been adapted into a full series of short animations which i have been writing for and designing graphics for for over a month. it will not be released for a while. but when it does, i am sure it will be at least amusing to watch :D well i hope so.
i have some voice actors from youtube and NG helping out with the casting, and well.. everything else by me i guess. wheeler is the creative director and checker of mistakes i make lol. :D his concept kick started it all. and he deserves a huge yay in his face. :D good job wheeler!



the newgrounds Voice acting competition has 6 days left! ENDING 1ST OCTOBER!
submit your work now and you could win front page, store credit and a cookie! ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

what you require is a microphone. a voice. and 45 minutes of your time!

Do THREE or more voices
minimum of 3 minutes maximum of 9!
Only your voice! NO EFFECTS! but you may add sounds that are clearly not your voice like music or SFX.
END THE SUBMISSION WITH THE WORD "muffins".......but be creative, and have fun! you could win the store credit and a place on the front page for a bit!

if you want in, get in! in the time you spend "considering" you could have done it already and been in for the chance to win! GET OUT THERE AND HAVE A GO!


entered the competition? Jim says you just hit cool motherf*&%er :D

Voice acting Competition! Quick! nearly over!

Wheeler is Weird

2009-09-09 19:07:20 by Stalagmite

me and Animatigo (wheeman) are making some cool shit.
writing together to create the weird wonders of wheeler!
here is a sneak piccy. newgrounds wont see it. but youtube will :D drop me a line and i will let you know when its submitted if you wanna see :D

Wheeler is Weird

9 votes of 5 on a FAIL song?

2009-09-02 20:01:07 by Stalagmite

okay. so i am pissed. i spend hours and hours on an acapella. It gets some attention and a few good votes. then disappears off the face of the earth.

so i made like 7 acapellas, all which i am quite pleased with, but they are all in the fail zone. so i submit this crappy song about cheese for A JOKE, its a 18 second acapella of failzorg, and sucks the krakens anus.
so imagine how much WTFistamine i took when i saw it had 9 votes of 5 and 4 downloads within 10 minutes of submission!

i dont know about you but i think that just fists the nuns ass hole.


9 votes of 5 on a FAIL song?